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Have you got what it takes to help Redbridge allocate its carbon budget?

Councillors declared a Climate Emergency in June 2019. They committed to developing a plan to make all of the council’s operations carbon neutral by 2030 and to reduce all emissions to zero by 2050. This means we will need to use green power, insulate our buildings more effectively, reduce our journeys and use electric vehicles, among many other actions. 

You’ll be presented with a number of options which reflect choices we could make to contribute to reducing our carbon emissions as well as our impact on the environment. Depending on the associated carbon reduction, a different number of points have been allocated to each proposal.

You will be asked to spend 55 points on different initiatives for tackling Climate Change in the areas of waste, transport, property, energy, food and businesses. Within each initiative you will be able to select how many points you would like to allocate and will be shown the potential the impact, for further information click the "i" on the left of each proposal. You will be able to see how many points you have remaining in the top right-hand corner. On each page you will be able to leave comments of any further ideas you have.

Your response will help us understand your priorities and inform the decisions we make in the future. 

Good luck!

For more information on what the Council is doing visit our Climate Change webpage

The Climate Emergency in Redbridge

Climate change is both a challenge and an opportunity for Redbridge. For instance, communities that live along the Roding could face higher levels of flooding if we do not take action to reduce global warming. London could face more extreme weather, with higher rainfall and heatwaves.

But if we make the right choices, we can encourage people to be more active, improve air quality, reduce traffic, invest in biodiversity and support good new jobs for people, fitting new insulation, boilers and energy systems.

We are already taking steps towards becoming more environmentally friendly. These include;

  • Running a separate working group on Biodiversity in Redbridge
  • Introducing more electric chargers across the borough by the end of 2020
  • Improving the Cycle network across the borough
  • Creating a  supercharger hub at our depot so that we can run more zero emissions vehicles.
  • Investing in electric pool vehicles and e-bikes
  • Replacing all street lamps with LED bulbs
  • Introducing Redbridge Low Emission Neighbourhoods

If we’re to reach zero carbon by 2030, we collectively need to make significant changes to how we all live our lives; opting for greener, environmentally friendly and lower carbon emitting alternatives to our current choices. 

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